Body-to-body Erotic Massage

There can be some variations in body-to-body erotic massage, but typically it is an erotic massage where the masseuse does not use her hands but her whole body including her legs, nipples, breasts and ass to massage you. An enchanted setting is waiting for you with meditative music. Your masseuse is usually naked, and she rhythmically slides over your entire body touching every inch on you. She may use her hands for massaging but her entire body will be used as well for indulging you.

Body-to Body Erotic Massage in Budapest

There are many types of sensual massages. Choose the best for you! The body-to-body slide or body-to-body massage is the deepest and most intimate massage you have ever experienced. The ambience is very mystical, your masseuse is like a goddess, the lights are so enchanted and the sounds are like a balsam on your body. You feel very relaxed and you can experience the flow and the incensement of your sexual energy, and she has not touched your body yet.

The masseuse scans your body to feel your hidden knots in your muscles. Try to imagine her, her sensual being who is dressed in the most tantalizing lingerie. She begins to massage your tired and tensed muscles. She releases all your troubles. This is the room where time does not exist. She is rubbing and gripping your body and you feel like she is massaging your depths of your soul. She touches and massages every inch of your body from your skull to your very heels. Your masseuse slides off her lingerie then oils her beautiful body. She slides across you. It is like a sensual dance, she embraces your body and your spirit. You feel as if you are not in reality.

With the help of rhythmic erotic movements and with the variations of softer and harder caresses, she tries to create a state for you to be able to relax deeply. You can forget your daily worries. She will use oils freely, she pours them on your body and on her own body and dances and slides on you to increase the flow of your sexual energy.

She slides over your, you can see her naked body. You can feel her everywhere. It is not just pure eroticism. It is a massage as well, your muscles are vibrating and refreshing. She gets fully involved in the reactions of your body. She feels your soul. You are not able to get two similar body-to-body massages. Every body-to-body massage is special and unique. An erotic massage cannot be complete without a body-to-body massage.

Lie on your back, thus you can see the entire room which has been changed: it is vibrating. The music plays inside your chest deeply. The lighting creates an intimate ambiance, and you think of what is next, and these thoughts cause your heart to beat a little bit harder. Your masseuse becomes a sensual goddess. She massages your feet and thighs slowly. She releases your tension from your muscles you have collected in your entire life. You feel that she is an expert, and for a moment you really love her. She reaches your upper thighs, and slides her smooth body over your legs slowly. You can feel her contour while she is caressing, embracing and massaging you.

You look down and you are surprised to see that she does not look at her body but only at you, at your face and into your eyes. She uses her hands again, and now she is very cautious, she does not want to grip and massage your lingam. She massages your neck and shoulders, while she is embracing your lingam gently. Now you are about to explode, so your masseuse grabs your lingam. She uses both hands helping you to experience satisfaction you have never experienced in your entire life.

Benefits of Body-to-Body Massage

Like other massages, body-to-body massage has a positive effect on blood flow. During the massage, nerve endings are stimulated which has a rejuvenating effect. You will feel refreshed and young again.

Body-to-body massage is the perfect method against depression and stress. There will be a strong sensual aura which helps you increase your sexual energy. It will bring back your sexual drive. With the help of the massage, you will be able to control your sexual energy and desires.