Would you like to have an awesome weekend in Budapest? You will not be bored if you stay here in this beautiful city.

You can try everything what you wish. Go to the parties of the clubs, bars and cafés, they offer exciting nightlife for you. You can try the posh restaurants of the capital, the local cuisine is very tasty. Additionally, there are several thermal baths where you can relax after an all-night party. Of course, you can walk in the markets and shopping malls where you can find unique gifts and Hungarian specialties. And meanwhile, enjoy the view of the sensual Hungarian girls as well!

Hungarian Bars and Clubs

You will find the best clubs and bars and nice pubs in Budapest. Enjoy the vivid nightlife of the capital! As far as entertainment is concerned, this city is a popular destination all the year around. What is your taste? I am sure that you will find your favorite one.

Do you like wine?

Are you crazy about tasting high-quality wines? Then here you can find world famous brands. Explore the streets of Budapest and you will get to know about the opportunities for tasting wines. There are wide range of institutions where you can try them: from unique restaurants to museum-like places.

Attend the Hilton Hotel where you can taste fantastic Hungarian wines in special circumstances. The wines are served in a historic stone cellar. Besides, have you ever heard the word “pálinka”? It is a traditional Hungarian spirit made of cherry, plum, apricot and other fruits.

Thermal Baths

Now you can see: you can find everything in Budapest: excellent drinks, hot nightlife and wonderful thermal baths – just to sooth your hangover. The buildings of the baths are very spectacular, where you can find steamy hot water, saunas and steam rooms. You can try the different types of massage here as well.

Restaurants in Budapest

Here you can taste real Hungarian dishes but if you do not like spicy food, several international restaurants are available as well, for example Chinese, Greek, Italian, Japanese restaurants and the list is endless. If you visit the Great market hall, there you can taste local food at the food stalls at reasonable price.

Erotic Budapest

We have mentioned that Budapest is the capital of baths, restaurants, bars and clubs. Well, we can prove that this is the capital of eroticism as well. You can try erotic massages, and flirt with the sexiest girls of the capital. Chat with the girls, invite them for drinks, dance with them and enjoy the whole night with them. If your aim is to find beauties, sex in the clubs, and enjoy happy end massage then Budapest is certainly the best choice. It is useful not to drink too much because the most beautiful girls will leave you alone.