Chinese Massage

Chinese massage is an ancient cure against stress and diseases. Traditionally it is said that the energy must flow continuously in the body to avoid blockages. Two kinds of traditional Chinese massage exist: “Tui na” and “Zhi Ya”. There is a difference between them regarding the techniques. Naturally, massage is as old as humans. Historically, the massage continued to be more and more sophisticated, and there was a culmination of the massage culture in ancient China. The story of the Chinese massage is very impressive. You can find different massage textbooks from the times of Nei Jing (722-481 BC). Several massage doctors worked in the times of Tang Dynasty having a special culture of massage. These unique techniques were imported to Japan, and a new type of massage evolved, the so called Shiatsu. You can find many Chinese elements in the modern massage technique, in the so called Swedish massage.

Chinese Massage in Budapest

Chinese massage works on the acupunctural points and take attention to the energy channels to be able to transport the blood and energy effectively. In this way, an optimal balance can be reached. You will be able to protect yourself against infections and create optimal circumstances for your organs. When the channels are blocked, you can experience health problems and pain. Your masseur will press the blocked pathways. Different kind of diseases can be cured in this way, such as rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular problems and chronic low-back pain.

A sessions lasts 30 minutes generally: after this 30 minutes you will feel refreshed and renewed. During a Tui na massage, your masseur stretches, kneads an pushes your muscles, while during a Zhi Ya massage, he pinches and presses the acupressure points to create balance in your energy flow. These techniques can release hormones, boost recovery and regulate blood flow. The hand techniques (or Shou fa) have two groups as well. The yin that are the sedating techniques and the yang that are the stimulating techniques. The aim of the massage is to balance yin and yang for maintaining health.

Injured muscles can be healed by this massage. Through this massage, your body is able to get rid of lactic acid buildup. Soothe yourself psychologically from your daily stress. If you attend a massage salon regularly, you will boost your immunity and you can prevent your body from developing diseases in your muscles, bones and internal organs.

The masseur can vary the strength and the direction of the massage, causing different effects on your body. For example, some movements reach only your skin, some your muscles and other inner areas. In this way, he is able to adjust the dislocation of the joints, remove the spasm of the muscle and relieve the bones and muscles.

You can use traditional Chinese massage not just for cure. It can keep you fit. Additionally, your masseur will knead the acupoints around your eyes, and this will give you a good eyesight. He will also massage the acupoints around your head that relaxes you, and he will massage your feet and examine that part to know about the problematic parts of your body.

You can combine the traditional Chinese massage with herbal medicine freely to enhance the positive effects of the massage. The massage itself enhances the effects of the herbal remedies. You can use oils with herbs during the massage, which is an additional way for the remedies.

The most commonly used techniques are compression, swing, friction, vibration, percussion, pinching and grasping as well as joint manipulation. An expert will be forceful, persistent and rhythmic but try to by soft. The pressure effect will be penetrating and deep. Your masseur may apply a technique several times on a shoulder to be enough effective.