Erotic Massage For Couples

It is very important to harmonize your relationship with your partner. An erotic massage can help create balance sexually, mentally and emotionally. In this way, you will be able to have a harmonious and calm communication and body language.

Erotic Massage for Couples in Budapest

You and your partner get synchronized massage that can release your stress. You can experience a special state which strengthens your relationship.

Nowadays it is very hard to create sexual harmony with a partner. When the fabulous beginning is over, your sexual life becomes rather boring and your communication will become a habit or stop completely.

During the erotic massage, you can explore other dimensions of sexuality, and this will change your entire attitude towards your partner. You can feel these changes in your soul and in your body as well. The role of synchronicity is to bring the so called yin and yang, so the feminine and masculine harmony. It is the base of the relationship.

Yin and Yang – feminine and masculine – are complementary forces of our existence. There is the deepest peace in their nature. Yin is passive and it is oriented towards the exterior. Yang is active, inner oriented.

There a few basic aspects concerning yin and yang.

They are opposites

Feminine and masculine are constantly changing harmony and balance. These are the opposite ends of the cycles. Let’s think of the seasons, you can experience the continuum of energy.

Do not exist without each other

Feminine and masculine are interdependent. It is a scale, so nothing is totally Yin or Yang. If one of them dominates then the other comes and grows. Yin has a little Yang and vica versa. They effect on each other mutually. As the Taoists say: “Yin creates Yang and Yang creates Ying”.

Mutual change

There is a duality of these opposite energies in all men and women. There is a feminine energy called Shakti and a masculine one called Shiva. Jung worked with this brilliant philosophy and created his own theory with the help of this. He wrote about Anima and Animus. The feminine is Anima and the masculine is Animus.

Harmonize your relationship

Your masseuses will work with your and your partner’s energy. This energy has the power of healing you and your relationship. When you relax deeply, you can have a connection to your inner self. Try to communicate at this level. It is easier and deeper than words. Focus on the soft touches and feel how your negative energies disappear. You will be refreshed and you feel different than before and more open to your partner.

If you would like to have an erotic massage with your partner, you can choose between having the massage in separate rooms or in the same room. Most couples want to experience this special massage together to enjoy the erotic experience together in harmony and sense the synchronized movements. In this way, you can get rid of the negative emotions hand in hand together.

At the end of the day, you will be able to be aware of your problems, and communicative honestly and in a constructive way. You will be creative in your relationship and will live in the moment experiencing the joy of life.