Eso Massage

Do you fantasize about never ending orgasm? Yes, you do, of course. And you fantasize about orgasm that you do not even have words about. But there is a desire in you to experience the lust in every parts of your body. The explosion is so strong that you are not able to move. It is the purest joy, you grasp for air and stretch your muscles and cry for even more enjoyment. Your dreams can come true.

Extended Sexual Orgasm in Budapest

Extended Sexual Orgasm is a great erotic massage: you can experience longer, more powerful and intense joy. This “happy ending” comes again and again without an end. Your masseuse will be a master in the art.

The massage has a special technique, and with the help of that, you can experience extreme joy through an innocent touch on your body. It is not about rush, the masseuse will pamper your body slowly. It takes time to experience the multi-orgasms. Let yourself feel them.

Trust in your masseuse, feel as if she was your girlfriend. You can ask her to roleplay, if you want to. To wake your desire, she will tease you, touch your body everywhere lightly and pet you around a little bit. She wants you to vibrate and increase your desire even more. Your body will crave for a relief but she will not let you ejaculate, she will slow down. Let yourself pamper with touches and experience sweet torture. There can be no inhibitions just the pure lust. Finally, there will be no turning back to feel endless orgasms.

You will forget your troubles during the massage, you have to take care of nothing but the sensual pleasure.

If your masseuse is enough good, your orgasm can last minutes or even hours.

How can you experience that?

  • Recognize your pleasure. Approve your actual sensations. You need to do this before the increased sensual pleasure. Get rid of your inhibitions. Forget your limitations and anxieties about sex. Respond freely and energetically. Challenge your social conditioning that hinders your response.
  • Learn to relax. You tend to tense up during the intimate connection. Of course it is a natural response but try to embrace your pleasure by letting go of tension. Focus on your muscles and release all the tensions in them. Take attention to your breath. Feel your masseuse’s fingers deeply in you.
  • Be conscious. Learn about your body, sexual response and sex. This let you recognize sensations. Learn new erotic techniques all the time. Make friends with genitals: both with males’ and females’. Masturbate and explore your sexuality and fantasize even more about sex.
  • Give time for yourself. It is not about rush. Learn how to flirt. Experiences teasing touches with other women. Give and get touches. Take time to get to the hot spots and to the genitals. Tease yourself for arousal and greater energy awareness. These make your experience mind-blowing.
  • Develop your muscles. Do exercise on your spot areas to be able to sexual response. These exercises make orgasms more powerful.
  • Communicate. Be dynamic and ask for changes. This will intensify the sensual pleasure. Ask for feedback. In this way, you can create self-esteem and confidence. If you communicate, you will be able to develop you sexual identity.