Intense Erotic Massage

A beauty welcomes you and introduces a room with candlelight. The whole room is an enchanted place, you can hear meditation music and smell the aroma of the massage oil. Take off your clothes and have a relaxing bath before the massage. You can put on a kimono then enter the massage room. Does it sound good? Then come to our salon and try it in reality!

Intense Erotic Massage in Budapest

Your masseuse looks into your eyes then ask you to close them. She smoothly moves around you and touches you gently. Your feel her sensual touches all around your body. Then she kisses your body in the length including your hands. She holds your hand and leads to a special place where she takes off your kimono. You are naked and she begins to take off her clothes as well. Her hands are on your body, thus you can feel her sensual warmth and friendly tenderness. She pours high-quality oil to your skin and she strokes you very softly.

Sit down now. Your masseuse sits behind you. She spreads erotic her legs. Now, you can feel her sensual body on your back, her breasts stroke you softly. Lie down slowly on your back. Your masseuse strokes you with the help of some feathers, enjoy the touches, be for the moment. She covers you with a silk towel and leaves you alone.

When she comes back, she whispers quietly in your ear then she kneels next to you from where you can feel the streaming of her energy. Feel her erotic touch. In front of your head, you can find a mirror, so you can watch her beautiful curves. Taking some oil in her hands, she begins to distribute the fluid evenly. She glides over your back, your thighs, your bottom and your shoulders. She gently touches your ass and testicles, and strokes your back again.

She releases your tension by pulsing her hands on your shoulder. Her hands strongly massage your ass. She rises a leg, and now, her yoni sits on your intimate areas softly. Feel her nice labia on your body and her thighs around your waist.

She massages your back with her wonderful breasts, you can feel all along your body while she is breathing, and then she sits back. She goes up next to your head. You can inhale her pussy’s fragrance. She massages your shoulders and strokes your arms and head along. Then she sits back to your back. You can feel her moist, and she massages your neck with her hands and then with her breasts. She glides along up and down with her whole body.

Her soft curves are on you. The whole body of the masseuse is massaging you. Her legs, hands, fingers and nipples. Your feel her sensuality in every moment. She stroking your back with her pussy, ass and her thighs. You would like to lick her pussy but you do not move. This is the sweetest moment and you wish this moment could last forever.

Then she slowly sits up and put silk towels on you. She leaves you alone in this special erotic ambiance. You really enjoy this game. Then she comes back and starts to stroke you. She continues this movement on your lingam and testicles as well. She sits down on you and massages you with the help of her nipples. Now she is over your head now. You can see her beautiful pussy, you can lip her. Her ass is perfect. She is playing with your testicles and thigh. She strokes very slowly. She massages your lingam and you can freely stroke her nipples and breasts. Do not hesitate massaging her breasts. Then she sits close to your penis and she takes some oil on it and on your testicles. You can feel the hardness of your penis. You feel the desire strongly, and you begin to pulsate and ejaculate. Then she distributes your fluid on your skin gently. She is smiling at you.