Thai Massage

Thai massage has also the specialty similarly to other oriental massage systems that it treats humans in a holistic way. It focuses on energy lines called “sen”. Its technique is very complex. The masseur uses rhythmic and slow compression along the energy lines, stretches, works on acupoints and joints opening movements. Basically it is similar to peripheral stimulation. This method is for attaining some areas through stimulation of other distant areas. This occurs during Saitsu, rolfing and acupuncture. In the aspect of stretching and joint opening movements it is quite similar to physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractics.

Thai Massage in Budapest

You will be surprised when you get to know how this massage works in reality. It very differs from what we know about massage. You will remain fully clothed and lie on a mat on the floor.

Your masseur will use his knees, elbows, palm, feet and thumbs to pull, press and stretch. You will be guided into different yoga postures. He will focus on his own body-center. If you have an area with tension, he will held and pressure it for a longer time. He will move slowly. It will be very similar to a dance. Well, it is called “yoga for lazy people” as well.

The masseur will personalize the techniques according to your wishes and body condition. He will take attention to your flexibility and sensitivity and according to this he will vary the strength of the pressure. He will apply this during the stretching session.

A full session lasts 1.5.-2 hours but exceptionally it can be 3 hours as well. One hour would be too short for this. The techniques are performed slowly and your masseur deals with every inch of your body. You need to dress in comfortable and soft cloths. Your masseur will begin from the feet and he will go upwards.

Four positions are used during a Thai massage: on stomach, on the back, sitting and on the side. It is not sure that all methods will be used during the massage, basically it depends on the masseur’s opinion and your predisposition. Furthermore, the techniques are determined by the conditions, for example, for a pregnant lady the side positions are very good.

At the beginning, your masseur will work on your legs. He will stretch it, take attention to the acupressure lines and joints opening techniques. He will open the hips and activate your meridians running along your spine. In this way, your back will work in a more effective way. Eastern massage system warns everybody that the condition of the pelvic can affect the spine itself. Working with the legs can balance the muscles giving proper flexibility and alignment to the area of the hip and thus to the spine. The spine has a crucial role for your health because it contains the central nerve system. In this way, Thai massage can eliminate the pains in the lower back.

“Blood Stop” is considered as a very unique technique. It can be translated as “Opening the Wind Gate”. It lasts only one minute, and during the method, a firm pressure is applied on the groin and on the shoulders. It increases the blood flow, so after it, you will experience an energy explosion. This will clear toxins and help bring the blood nutrient to the areas where there is poor circulation. The blood will find new pathways. The heart rate will be slower, so you will experience deep relaxation.

Thai massage reduces stiffness in your muscles, opens the blocked areas and promotes better circulation. It focuses on balance and free energy flow. The blockages in the body create imbalance in your body and in your life. With the help of the pressures, the blocked energy will be opened.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the best-known type of massage at least in the West. If you are unfamiliar with the different types of massage, it can be a good start for you. Deep tissue massage is a form of the Swedish massage and it can be used if you have chronic muscle pain. It is better in this case if you take a series of deep tissue massage to get results.

Swedish Massage in Budapest

Of course, this type of massage is performed by trained and licensed masseurs. You can discuss your needs with your masseur. You can ask to have a gentle and slow massage, and you can have a bracing and vigorous massage as well.

There are rather big differences between the Asian and the Western massage systems. The Western concept is based on the physiology and anatomy opposed to the Asian which is based on the flow of energy.

Typically you can order a Swedish or a deep tissue massage according to the following sessions:

  • 30 minute massage
  • 50 or 60 minute massage
  • 75 or 90 minute massage

At first, the masseur will lubricate you skin with some massage oil and perform massage strokes. In this way, your muscles will be warmed up that releases tension. Then he breaks muscle knots up. You will in a perfect state of relaxation during the massage.

Before the massage, your masseur will ask you about your conditions and injuries. You can tell him your areas of pain or tightness or your allergies or that you are pregnant. Feel free to ask for firm or light pressure.

After it, lie down on the table. You will be covered by a towel or a sheet. During the massage, you will be nude underneath your towel or sheet. He will uncover only the part of your body on which he is working on. If this state is out of your comfort zone, then you can wear your underwear.

It is probably that you will start by lying face down. Your masseur will start by working on your back, neck and shoulders. He will use a combination of different types of techniques: friction, tapping, stretching, effleurage and kneading.

When he is ready with your upper body, then your legs can come. Then you can turn over and the front of your body will be worked on. If you get just 50 minutes, then you can ask him to spend more time on a critical area. Feel free to communicate with him. If the pressure is too firm or too light he can vary it.

Swedish massage was invented by a prominent Swedish physician, Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1839) who was actually a fencing teacher as well. He learnt from the Chinese medical techniques and combined it with the 19th century sports medicine. His aim was to relieve sore muscles, promote health and increase flexibility. Johann Mezger popularized his invention, and he gave French names to the technique.

The Swedish massage is invigorating and relaxing. You can experience an optimal well-being after the massage. The massage replicates the movements of your circulatory system. When your masseur strokes you toward your heart, it can drain metabolic waste from your limbs. Your skin will be healthy.

The Swedish massage includes techniques like vibration, shaking motions, effleurage, tapping, kneading, friction, long strokes and percussion.

Chinese Massage

Chinese massage is an ancient cure against stress and diseases. Traditionally it is said that the energy must flow continuously in the body to avoid blockages. Two kinds of traditional Chinese massage exist: “Tui na” and “Zhi Ya”. There is a difference between them regarding the techniques. Naturally, massage is as old as humans. Historically, the massage continued to be more and more sophisticated, and there was a culmination of the massage culture in ancient China. The story of the Chinese massage is very impressive. You can find different massage textbooks from the times of Nei Jing (722-481 BC). Several massage doctors worked in the times of Tang Dynasty having a special culture of massage. These unique techniques were imported to Japan, and a new type of massage evolved, the so called Shiatsu. You can find many Chinese elements in the modern massage technique, in the so called Swedish massage.

Chinese Massage in Budapest

Chinese massage works on the acupunctural points and take attention to the energy channels to be able to transport the blood and energy effectively. In this way, an optimal balance can be reached. You will be able to protect yourself against infections and create optimal circumstances for your organs. When the channels are blocked, you can experience health problems and pain. Your masseur will press the blocked pathways. Different kind of diseases can be cured in this way, such as rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular problems and chronic low-back pain.

A sessions lasts 30 minutes generally: after this 30 minutes you will feel refreshed and renewed. During a Tui na massage, your masseur stretches, kneads an pushes your muscles, while during a Zhi Ya massage, he pinches and presses the acupressure points to create balance in your energy flow. These techniques can release hormones, boost recovery and regulate blood flow. The hand techniques (or Shou fa) have two groups as well. The yin that are the sedating techniques and the yang that are the stimulating techniques. The aim of the massage is to balance yin and yang for maintaining health.

Injured muscles can be healed by this massage. Through this massage, your body is able to get rid of lactic acid buildup. Soothe yourself psychologically from your daily stress. If you attend a massage salon regularly, you will boost your immunity and you can prevent your body from developing diseases in your muscles, bones and internal organs.

The masseur can vary the strength and the direction of the massage, causing different effects on your body. For example, some movements reach only your skin, some your muscles and other inner areas. In this way, he is able to adjust the dislocation of the joints, remove the spasm of the muscle and relieve the bones and muscles.

You can use traditional Chinese massage not just for cure. It can keep you fit. Additionally, your masseur will knead the acupoints around your eyes, and this will give you a good eyesight. He will also massage the acupoints around your head that relaxes you, and he will massage your feet and examine that part to know about the problematic parts of your body.

You can combine the traditional Chinese massage with herbal medicine freely to enhance the positive effects of the massage. The massage itself enhances the effects of the herbal remedies. You can use oils with herbs during the massage, which is an additional way for the remedies.

The most commonly used techniques are compression, swing, friction, vibration, percussion, pinching and grasping as well as joint manipulation. An expert will be forceful, persistent and rhythmic but try to by soft. The pressure effect will be penetrating and deep. Your masseur may apply a technique several times on a shoulder to be enough effective.

Bamboo Massage

Bamboo symbolizes for Japanese, Indonesian and Chinese sexuality, fertility, prosperity, longevity and life energy. This plant is one of the most desired beauty ingredients of today. Bamboo massage is not just bodywork. It has ancient roots and much more than a new trend. With the help of the bamboos, deep-tissue work is possible. Massagers can use oils during the massage. It energizes and calms you creating balance for you physically and mentally. It rejuvenates you at deeper levels. Bamboos are one of the most multifaceted plants on the Earth and they are very popular because of its perseverance under very harsh circumstances.

Bamboo Massage in Budapest

During a bamboo massage, heated bamboos are used to work the deep tissues of the body. Actually, it is an innovative method of Swedish massage. The bamboos are rolled and kneaded, and in this way you can experience a deep level of relaxation and long-term well-being. It is considered to be a preventive therapy against the modern-day stress and it helps cope with several emotional and physical problems.

Improve your skin tone

As many other massages, bamboo massage can improve the texture of the skin. The extract from the bamboos aid your body to be able to absorb essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. It soothes your skin. The masseur may use some lotions and creams. The use of the extract of bamboos can alleviate psoriasis and eczema. It contains antioxidants that can help minimalize wrinkles.

The technique of the massage

Your masseur will use organically-treated bamboo canes. The canes have different diameters and lengths and they are warmed at room temperature. The longer ones are used for gliding and the smaller ones are used as tools for detailed work. A cane of the bamboo replaces a finger of the masseur. In this way, bamboo massage is a firmer and deeper massage. The cane is rolled over the muscle with a professional stroke. Several therapists are able to combine the elements of Thai, Shiatsu, Indian Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese massage techniques. This way, they are able to reach the best results. The massage improves your circulation, provides a deep sense of serenity and stimulates the nerves. It is a cure against the accumulated toxins and poor circulation. Working on the muscles releases the tension in your body. It helps insomnia by releasing shoulder, neck and upper back tensions. It can be an aid to your depression and can increase your mental clarity. It is a fantastic tool for releasing endorphins which are your natural painkillers.

Bamboo massage may seem to be similar to hot stone therapy. In fact, you will experience similar warming and soothing effect. But a bamboo massage has great benefits: it takes not so long than a stone massage. Additionally, bamboo holds the heat longer than stones. A heating pad is used to wrap the bamboo sticks to warm them.

A famous masseur, Nathalie Cecilia has a great role in popularizing bamboo massage. She started using bamboo sticks in 2004 for the first time. The reason for using this was that her wrists and hands started hurting during deep tissue work. With the help of the bamboo sticks, she was able to do the deep tissue work with strength and deep pressure.

Happy End Massage

Happy end massage existed in the ancient times as well, particularly in the Chinese culture, and it is one of most popular massages of today. For the Chinese and for us, this massage is more than a simple hand job because a good massage requires an expert who has knowledge about reflexology and the mechanism of muscles. Additionally, she is an expert in mental proceeds, thus she can offer you a massage which fits to your personality.

Budapest, the capital of Happy End Massage

Try our happy end massage in Budapest, where you can experience wonderful moments after a busy day. Happy end massage can have a therapeutic effect on your body and soul. We put an emphasis on not being in a hurry, thus you will be able to relax during the massage.

If you look at the ancient Indian tantric culture, you can see that the massage of the lingam is a fundamental process to maintain your physical and mental health as well as it is a path to spirituality.

This way, we offer a high level technique in the erogenous areas and the lingam massage. You can relax and release your blockages during the erotic massage. Your energy circulation will be reestablished, thus you can experience health and pleasure enhancements.

Find yourself the perfect masseuse who is well-coached and trained in any types of sensual massage. If you have found her, try one of the massages, and you will feel completeness and have a real smile on your face.

Full Service erotic Massage

Full service massage is very popular nowadays. It is not just a business. It delivers positive emotions and feelings for you with high amount of eroticism.

Full Service Massage in Budapest

You will experience calm and warm feelings through the friendly attitude of the masseuse. The masseuse provides professional and sensual touching for you. You have only one task during the massage: you need to relax to be effective.

We offer full erotic service in Budapest, as you can choose among well configured packages both for maintaining your health and for increasing your sexual energy. You can experience a unique voyage where you can feel the flow of your sexual energy during the sensual tantric massage. We have got the experience, knowledge and tools to perform any massages you want to have. You can choose a massage depending on your personality, your physical and mental problems, your sexual desire and your fantasies. We have got the most beautiful and qualified masseuses in the city.

Generally, full service massage includes the following:

  • Professional acupressure massage. This means that we will massage you on your sexual areas and your prostate. In this way, we can clear the blockages in your body.
  • We offer a complete body to body erotic massage.
  • End relax massage time.
  • Caring shower before and after the massage.

Kaishun Tantric Erotic Massage

Imagine a beauty with long hair and enchanted slim curves looking at you. She sweeps her wonderful hair down to your neck, your shoulders and to your back. The fragrance of her hair is like a field filled with flowers. While she is stroking your with her hair, you can feel its silky texture you have never experienced before. The word “Kaishun” is a very special word: It means that spring comes and a new year begins. Kaishun massage can rejuvenate you, increase your sexual libido and delay your aging. This massage was born in ancient China and has a recovery function. It is the perfect relaxation for you. The massage combines the spiritual and physical aims with increasing pleasure.

Kaishun Massage in Budapest

The massage will stimulate your lymph glands and testis. You will ejaculate through massaging your testicles and lingam. You can rejuvenate through stimulating your pressure points in your testicle, around your testicle and in the prostate. This process will fix up your hormone balance. This massage is very useful for middle and high age men.

It will be a thrilling erotic massage, just let your Goddess lead you into a new world full of eroticism and sensuality. This will be beyond your imagination. You will be exhausted through the stunning stimulation challenging your moral inhibitions. It will be a holistic libidinal rejuvenation recovering the male function in you. There can be lingam massage, ball massage, groin massage, hip massage and finally a full body massage if you wish.

Tie And Tease Massage

It is a part of the tantric erotic massage with a playful masseuse who satisfies your desires. Would you like to give the control to a beautiful goddess?

Tie and Tease Massage in Budapest

Be guided by a professional masseur. They are specially trained. They will tie and tease you for many hours. You will be surprised during the erotic massage, and your senses will be on a roller coaster ride.

At first, you will experience a fantastic light bondage with surprise touches and sensual light domination. Just focus on the word: light. Then if you wish, your goddess can go harder taking the control and enhancing your sexual desire. Do not forget: you have to worship your Goddess who gives you a wonderful erotic massage.

Tie and tease massage is not just a physical play – it is psychological as well. This special massage gives you a unique experience where everything is more mysterious and more intense.

There are similarities between the ordinary erotic massage and this special massage. Tie and tease massage ends with full body rub and body-to-body massage. But at the beginning, you will be very curious concerning your masseuse. It will be a journey of experimental sensations in a special ambiance.

Your sexual arousal will reach its peak but your masseuse will control it, and she will be in charge to decide on your faith. She will allow you to orgasm or not. Your masseuse will use the elements of sexual denial with some teasing. She is your boss, do what she wants to.

Your Goddess will stroke, tease and indulge you to the state of pre-climax but she will not allow you to orgasm until the very end of the massage. We call a tie and tease massage without having an orgasm “tease and denial massage”. Your Goddess will use all kind of equipment, such as silk cloths, blindfold, cuffs and sensual spanking devices. She will be perfect to play the role of a Goddess and you will submit yourself. She will have a sensual power over you. The massage may include ice cubes, pinching, hot candle wax or nails if you wish. But there is a difference between BDSM play and tie and tease massage: during a tie and tease massage, your masseuse focuses on your emotions but a BDSM masseur does not.

You may have to gag during the massage to feel the sense of defenseless and helplessness. Blindfold has an important role and she may remove it in order to see her sensual body and her sexy lingerie.

Enjoy the strip of your beautiful Goddess, she may brush against you in her erotic nightie, feel her removing clothes and be playful during this fetish play. Then you can enjoy the view of her naked body.

She may pause sometimes making you think about the next teasing. She lets your tension build. She may use some wine as well. She may pass it from her sensual mouth to yours. Enjoy your submission.

She makes you keep talking while she is tying up your hands. She may kiss you very gently and she may continue with your nipples, she licks and teases them playfully, and then she covers your eyes. Prepare your body and soul to the next mysterious session.

There will be hard and soft sessions. She caresses your body sensually and softly. She does not forget to punish you with spanks if you are a bad boy. Your Goddess gives you kisses and plays with your nipples and nibbles on them. Would you like to have a prostate massage as well? Then she does it. Her fingers will be slippery and lubed while she is pushing them into your anus. Enjoy the erotic movement of her fingers. She will play with your genitals at the same time, and she does no forget to massage them. It can be a full lingam massage if you wish.

Your orgasm will be powerful, because you will have no control over it. You will be not able to find out when your Goddess will allow you to ejaculate. This is the reason why tie and tease massage is so special. You will experience an explosion and you feel this joy for several minutes after your orgasm. Your Goddess cleans you up, unties you gently and she is smiling friendly at you.

Erotic Massage For Couples

It is very important to harmonize your relationship with your partner. An erotic massage can help create balance sexually, mentally and emotionally. In this way, you will be able to have a harmonious and calm communication and body language.

Erotic Massage for Couples in Budapest

You and your partner get synchronized massage that can release your stress. You can experience a special state which strengthens your relationship.

Nowadays it is very hard to create sexual harmony with a partner. When the fabulous beginning is over, your sexual life becomes rather boring and your communication will become a habit or stop completely.

During the erotic massage, you can explore other dimensions of sexuality, and this will change your entire attitude towards your partner. You can feel these changes in your soul and in your body as well. The role of synchronicity is to bring the so called yin and yang, so the feminine and masculine harmony. It is the base of the relationship.

Yin and Yang – feminine and masculine – are complementary forces of our existence. There is the deepest peace in their nature. Yin is passive and it is oriented towards the exterior. Yang is active, inner oriented.

There a few basic aspects concerning yin and yang.

They are opposites

Feminine and masculine are constantly changing harmony and balance. These are the opposite ends of the cycles. Let’s think of the seasons, you can experience the continuum of energy.

Do not exist without each other

Feminine and masculine are interdependent. It is a scale, so nothing is totally Yin or Yang. If one of them dominates then the other comes and grows. Yin has a little Yang and vica versa. They effect on each other mutually. As the Taoists say: “Yin creates Yang and Yang creates Ying”.

Mutual change

There is a duality of these opposite energies in all men and women. There is a feminine energy called Shakti and a masculine one called Shiva. Jung worked with this brilliant philosophy and created his own theory with the help of this. He wrote about Anima and Animus. The feminine is Anima and the masculine is Animus.

Harmonize your relationship

Your masseuses will work with your and your partner’s energy. This energy has the power of healing you and your relationship. When you relax deeply, you can have a connection to your inner self. Try to communicate at this level. It is easier and deeper than words. Focus on the soft touches and feel how your negative energies disappear. You will be refreshed and you feel different than before and more open to your partner.

If you would like to have an erotic massage with your partner, you can choose between having the massage in separate rooms or in the same room. Most couples want to experience this special massage together to enjoy the erotic experience together in harmony and sense the synchronized movements. In this way, you can get rid of the negative emotions hand in hand together.

At the end of the day, you will be able to be aware of your problems, and communicative honestly and in a constructive way. You will be creative in your relationship and will live in the moment experiencing the joy of life.

Sensual Massage

With the help of sensual massage, you can escape from the stress of everyday life. You need to have an expert who has special skills concerning the massage. If you have a brilliant masseuse, you can feel the benefits of a sensual massage. A sensual massage will concentrate on your erogenous zones. Some of the masseuses say that you need not to orgasm during a really good sensual massage. If orgasm happens though, enjoy it with deep breathing. During the massage, your sexual energy will be enhanced and your sexual life will change radically. But sensual massage is not just about eroticism. It helps release stress and heals your soul as well.

Sensual Massage in Budapest

You can wish anything during the massage: to massage you firmly of lightly, on a definite area or your whole body and with the help of the masseuse’s hands or with her whole body. Your masseuse strives to satisfy your special needs through her touches. She will customize every part and every moment of the erotic massage depending your secret desires and needs. And a really good masseuse knows that there can be big differences between what you desire from what you need.

Your masseuse uses oils and body lotions on your skin. You can hear calming music during the massage. Several types of the sensual massage require special massage table. A good masseuse can employ different sensual massage techniques to fulfill your desires. In this way, you will be able to relax deeply and get rid of your stress. The masseuse needs to be familiar with the muscles of the body, and to know how to handle them. Some muscles – for example in your neck and shoulders – are more tend to host tension. She will focus on these muscles mainly, thus you can feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Your masseuse will be flexible that means that she can do in-calls and out-calls as well. So if you would not like to go to a massage parlor then you can ask her to come to your house or to your hotel room where she can perform the sensual massage. She will not discriminate on race, sexuality, age etc. Feel free to be honest and seek the services of the masseuse. You will learn to get great pleasure from the erotic massage. You will not feel to be pressurized to perform. Sensual massage has good benefits not just on you but on your relationship as well. It improves the bond between you and your partner. Thus you can create an intimate, healthy and stable relationship.

If you feel so stressed and you are not capable to function in a normal way, do not rush to the drug store for some medicines but enjoy your time under the hands of a beautiful masseuse and feel the pleasure of the erotic massage. At the end of the day, your stress will be faded, and you will feel energized. If you feel any discomfort during the sensual massage, let the masseuse know about it and she will readjust her technique. Do not hesitate expressing your discomfort, because in this way you will know about any problems of your body, thus you can go to a doctor or do some exercises on the given area in time.

You need to focus on breathing from your belly. You will do it simultaneously with your masseuse. Take attention to breathe in not out. During this process, you will put effort in breathing in but you will be able to relax when you breathe out. You can make sounds freely, do not have any inhibitions, relax and enjoy the procedure. If you let yourself make sounds, then you can ensure to spread your energy to other parts of your body. Your sexual energy will spread to your head and then explode in the room.

Prepare for it carefully because an erotic massage can last up to two hours. Switch off your devices and your mobile phone.

Taoist Erotic Massage

There is a huge difference between Taoism and Tantra. Tantra is more than touching a person: the masseuse touches the person’s soul and heart. There is not a defined ending. Its aim is not orgasm but orgasm can occur. This leads into the world of sensuality, so it can be an erotic trance as well. Taoist massage is opener because it has not a real goal. This massage increases the sexual energy and it becomes an erotic trance. And it has a well-defined ending: “the Big Draw”.

How can we define this “Big Draw”?

Your masseuse strokes and massages your body and through this, your sexual energy arises. Well, it is raised even more. Your will take deep breaths. Then at a certain point you hold your breath for at least 30 seconds. Then release it. There will be no well-structured rituals. There will be no strict order, give to your masseuse the control. You will have an altered state through the breath. During the genital massage, this special breath will raise and spread your sexual energy in your body.

Taoist erotic massage is a special massage which can include creative and prolonged genital stimulation. It is a full-body massage. Your masseuse will encourage you to breathe deeply, relax and experience the sensation. Your body will be tensed and released, tensed and released causing deep refresh in your body. This is a healing massage, your sexual energy will be increased and harnessed. This is the way how we re-energize your: not just your body, your soul as well.

Basically, you carry an amazing amount of energetic potential in your body, and our task is to find this energy then we introduce it to you, and help you learn how to control this treasure. Because of this potential energy, Taoist massage is called Body Electric Erotic Massage as well.

You will experience a transformative altered state when your masseuse touches your genitals and keeps you breathing deeply. A real Taoist erotic massage has a special erotic conception. It concentrates on energy circulation and help you to feel it. Semen retention is a priority for the masseuse for healthy living and strength.

So briefly, the aim of the Taoist massage is not ejaculation but the circulation of the energy throughout your body. Its special method for energy circulations is like a dance: you need to breathe simultaneously to the genital stimulation. You will certainly experience transformational moment and ecstatic states.

Taiost Erotic Massage in Budapest

Be conscious. Keep breathing deeply and rhythmically. Your masseuse may spend some time to teach you how to breathe adequately before the massage. She may breathe with you to help you be conscious. Feel the erotic touches.

Your masseuse will weave together erotic and therapeutic elements and slowly, gradually increase your erotic energy, and finally she will focus on touching your genitals. Do not think that this erotic play always ends in ejaculation. Focus on the wonderful journey. Feel the huge amounts of sexual excitement in your genitals. These energies can be circulated in your body, just keep focusing on breathing and massaging.

We can speak about two types of energy here: enjoyment and excitement. I know, you are familiar with only one of them, with excitement. And if the masseuse continues to increase the pleasure, you will ejaculate. Let’s focus on enjoyment, and experience erotic pleasure. Enjoyment lasts for a long time, and it may not lead to “happy end”. Thus, you will feel incredible pleasure.

Body-to-body Erotic Massage

There can be some variations in body-to-body erotic massage, but typically it is an erotic massage where the masseuse does not use her hands but her whole body including her legs, nipples, breasts and ass to massage you. An enchanted setting is waiting for you with meditative music. Your masseuse is usually naked, and she rhythmically slides over your entire body touching every inch on you. She may use her hands for massaging but her entire body will be used as well for indulging you.

Body-to Body Erotic Massage in Budapest

There are many types of sensual massages. Choose the best for you! The body-to-body slide or body-to-body massage is the deepest and most intimate massage you have ever experienced. The ambience is very mystical, your masseuse is like a goddess, the lights are so enchanted and the sounds are like a balsam on your body. You feel very relaxed and you can experience the flow and the incensement of your sexual energy, and she has not touched your body yet.

The masseuse scans your body to feel your hidden knots in your muscles. Try to imagine her, her sensual being who is dressed in the most tantalizing lingerie. She begins to massage your tired and tensed muscles. She releases all your troubles. This is the room where time does not exist. She is rubbing and gripping your body and you feel like she is massaging your depths of your soul. She touches and massages every inch of your body from your skull to your very heels. Your masseuse slides off her lingerie then oils her beautiful body. She slides across you. It is like a sensual dance, she embraces your body and your spirit. You feel as if you are not in reality.

With the help of rhythmic erotic movements and with the variations of softer and harder caresses, she tries to create a state for you to be able to relax deeply. You can forget your daily worries. She will use oils freely, she pours them on your body and on her own body and dances and slides on you to increase the flow of your sexual energy.

She slides over your, you can see her naked body. You can feel her everywhere. It is not just pure eroticism. It is a massage as well, your muscles are vibrating and refreshing. She gets fully involved in the reactions of your body. She feels your soul. You are not able to get two similar body-to-body massages. Every body-to-body massage is special and unique. An erotic massage cannot be complete without a body-to-body massage.

Lie on your back, thus you can see the entire room which has been changed: it is vibrating. The music plays inside your chest deeply. The lighting creates an intimate ambiance, and you think of what is next, and these thoughts cause your heart to beat a little bit harder. Your masseuse becomes a sensual goddess. She massages your feet and thighs slowly. She releases your tension from your muscles you have collected in your entire life. You feel that she is an expert, and for a moment you really love her. She reaches your upper thighs, and slides her smooth body over your legs slowly. You can feel her contour while she is caressing, embracing and massaging you.

You look down and you are surprised to see that she does not look at her body but only at you, at your face and into your eyes. She uses her hands again, and now she is very cautious, she does not want to grip and massage your lingam. She massages your neck and shoulders, while she is embracing your lingam gently. Now you are about to explode, so your masseuse grabs your lingam. She uses both hands helping you to experience satisfaction you have never experienced in your entire life.

Benefits of Body-to-Body Massage

Like other massages, body-to-body massage has a positive effect on blood flow. During the massage, nerve endings are stimulated which has a rejuvenating effect. You will feel refreshed and young again.

Body-to-body massage is the perfect method against depression and stress. There will be a strong sensual aura which helps you increase your sexual energy. It will bring back your sexual drive. With the help of the massage, you will be able to control your sexual energy and desires.

Intense Erotic Massage

A beauty welcomes you and introduces a room with candlelight. The whole room is an enchanted place, you can hear meditation music and smell the aroma of the massage oil. Take off your clothes and have a relaxing bath before the massage. You can put on a kimono then enter the massage room. Does it sound good? Then come to our salon and try it in reality!

Intense Erotic Massage in Budapest

Your masseuse looks into your eyes then ask you to close them. She smoothly moves around you and touches you gently. Your feel her sensual touches all around your body. Then she kisses your body in the length including your hands. She holds your hand and leads to a special place where she takes off your kimono. You are naked and she begins to take off her clothes as well. Her hands are on your body, thus you can feel her sensual warmth and friendly tenderness. She pours high-quality oil to your skin and she strokes you very softly.

Sit down now. Your masseuse sits behind you. She spreads erotic her legs. Now, you can feel her sensual body on your back, her breasts stroke you softly. Lie down slowly on your back. Your masseuse strokes you with the help of some feathers, enjoy the touches, be for the moment. She covers you with a silk towel and leaves you alone.

When she comes back, she whispers quietly in your ear then she kneels next to you from where you can feel the streaming of her energy. Feel her erotic touch. In front of your head, you can find a mirror, so you can watch her beautiful curves. Taking some oil in her hands, she begins to distribute the fluid evenly. She glides over your back, your thighs, your bottom and your shoulders. She gently touches your ass and testicles, and strokes your back again.

She releases your tension by pulsing her hands on your shoulder. Her hands strongly massage your ass. She rises a leg, and now, her yoni sits on your intimate areas softly. Feel her nice labia on your body and her thighs around your waist.

She massages your back with her wonderful breasts, you can feel all along your body while she is breathing, and then she sits back. She goes up next to your head. You can inhale her pussy’s fragrance. She massages your shoulders and strokes your arms and head along. Then she sits back to your back. You can feel her moist, and she massages your neck with her hands and then with her breasts. She glides along up and down with her whole body.

Her soft curves are on you. The whole body of the masseuse is massaging you. Her legs, hands, fingers and nipples. Your feel her sensuality in every moment. She stroking your back with her pussy, ass and her thighs. You would like to lick her pussy but you do not move. This is the sweetest moment and you wish this moment could last forever.

Then she slowly sits up and put silk towels on you. She leaves you alone in this special erotic ambiance. You really enjoy this game. Then she comes back and starts to stroke you. She continues this movement on your lingam and testicles as well. She sits down on you and massages you with the help of her nipples. Now she is over your head now. You can see her beautiful pussy, you can lip her. Her ass is perfect. She is playing with your testicles and thigh. She strokes very slowly. She massages your lingam and you can freely stroke her nipples and breasts. Do not hesitate massaging her breasts. Then she sits close to your penis and she takes some oil on it and on your testicles. You can feel the hardness of your penis. You feel the desire strongly, and you begin to pulsate and ejaculate. Then she distributes your fluid on your skin gently. She is smiling at you.

Mutual Erotic Massage

You can participate in a wonderful journey during a massage. If you can give to your masseuse sensual touches then the feelings of the journey can be intensified creating more satisfaction than an ordinary erotic massage.

Mutual Erotic Massage in Budapest

Your masseuse will take attention to the place to be perfect. Generally, a bed is too soft for this purpose, so it is enough to have an exercise mat for two. The room should be pleasantly warm and drafted. For the intimate illumination, she will serve some candles as well. A well-selected erotic music is necessary for the massage that will create a fabulous ambiance. If your masseuse is quite good, she will choose high-quality massage oil, and put it near to you. She may use jellied water for the sensual massage.

About Seating Positions

If you would like to sit with your masseuse, there are a wide range of variations how can you do this. You should think of only the priorities: accessibility and comfort. Massage takes time and you need to be in a certain position for a while, so choose the position carefully. You can try that before the actual massage. Accessibility means that you need to be able to have an easy access to your masseuse’s genital area.

One of the best position is when you sit in front of the masseuse crossing your legs with the masseur’s. You can use wall to support your back. In this way, you can relax during the massage. You can put flat pillows to the mat if you wish to sit on. Take attention to your muscles, if they are tense then try to release them.

How to have a mutual erotic massage?

The best activity for the beginning is stroking by your masseuse until the roles are reversed. At this phase, move softly and massage only in a limited way. Touch the genitals only accidently. Then you can elevate your feeling of desire gradually to be even more excited. Take time for stroking, do not be in a hurry.

If you and your masseuse have warmed up, stroke her pussy. You can perform yoni massage as well. Focus on the eye contact. Be aware of making as much eye contact with your masseuse as you can. Sometimes this can be difficult because of her sexy body and your stimulated genitals but keep trying it.

Let you be for the moment and give the control to your masseuse, she will know, when it is optimal to ejaculate. You can stimulate her pussy calmly because she is able to orgasm as many times as she wants to.

If you would like to have a unique pleasure then try to stimulate her simultaneously, so massage her yoni while she is massaging your lingam.

Would you like to massage her anus? Then stop massaging each other a little bit and take latex glove. If you and your masseuse apply jellied lubricant on the glove, it will be a fantastic experience for you and your masseur. At first, just rub around the anus and then insert into it gently. Keep eye contact with your masseuse.

You will find very exotic to be in her anus. Release your muscles and watch her emotions. Do not pull it in and out, try to feel this new ambiance. Your masseuse will know how to indulge the area of your prostate.

Try to resume genital massage. When your masseuse feels that you are going to ejaculate then she my slow gently and massage the lingam softly. She may want to orgasm in the same time as you. Enjoy this new experience.

Four Hand Erotic Massage

Are you seeking for double pleasure? Here two beauties will massage your body. Can you imagine that? Two girls are stimulating you. And you can incorporate other services as well, of course, if you wish. Four Hands Erotic massage is one of the greatest way to heel your body and indulge your mind. Are you leading a stressful life? This massage offers the opportunity to get free and experience relaxation and calm.

Four Hands Erotic Massage in Budapest

The masseuses working together are in a really good relationship, so you can ask them for extra services on you or on each other.

Would you like to have a really good massage? Take a chance and relax a little bit under twenty fingers. Do not think, do not plan, just be there and live for the moment. Warm hands are touching you. The music is slow and calming, the air smells wonderful by the oil and sensual aromatic candles. Indulge yourself and experience sensational moments.

She slowly peels your clothes then you lie down. Then she places her oil and warm hands on your back and softly begins the massage. Then another beauty comes and touches you. You feel relaxed and warmed.

The masseuses will move to your thighs. They move knee to ass as softly as possible. You can believe me, your ass will need a good workout. Then they will start the ass massage. Their hand will get closer and closer to your penis then they will be teasing it. Your relaxed mood will change and your sexual arousal will skyrocket. Then they will spread your leg allowing everything they want to do with you.

The girls are nude and sexy. Of course, you can combine this massage with other types of massage, for example, you can ask for a prostate massage. You can imagine, two girls just for you. It is just like in heaven.

During the massage, the girls will work on separate parts of the body. The girls together create a sensual atmosphere with all the conformities you can fantasize: lustful music in the background, candles and sensuous oils on you and on the erotic masseuses.

The masseuses are just for you: they are to nurture, heal and love you by their enchanting presence. They are flexible, so they combine the massage style depending on your wishes with full naked.

Just think of it: you have two gorgeous massagers working on your penis and testicles. Your blood is pumping, and the endorphins are just expanding. You must try it at least once in your life. Every millimeter of your body will be touched by lustful fingers.

Our clients say, of course they know that it is four hands but they feel like ten. Two girls mean double pleasure.

This massage improves your blood circulation, thus it stimulates your energy, creativity, awareness and your vitality. You will be refreshed by releasing your muscles which calms and restores you.

If you are coming to Budapest for a business meeting, then do no forget to visit our girls. Our girls in Budapest will blow your mind surely.

Eso Massage

Do you fantasize about never ending orgasm? Yes, you do, of course. And you fantasize about orgasm that you do not even have words about. But there is a desire in you to experience the lust in every parts of your body. The explosion is so strong that you are not able to move. It is the purest joy, you grasp for air and stretch your muscles and cry for even more enjoyment. Your dreams can come true.

Extended Sexual Orgasm in Budapest

Extended Sexual Orgasm is a great erotic massage: you can experience longer, more powerful and intense joy. This “happy ending” comes again and again without an end. Your masseuse will be a master in the art.

The massage has a special technique, and with the help of that, you can experience extreme joy through an innocent touch on your body. It is not about rush, the masseuse will pamper your body slowly. It takes time to experience the multi-orgasms. Let yourself feel them.

Trust in your masseuse, feel as if she was your girlfriend. You can ask her to roleplay, if you want to. To wake your desire, she will tease you, touch your body everywhere lightly and pet you around a little bit. She wants you to vibrate and increase your desire even more. Your body will crave for a relief but she will not let you ejaculate, she will slow down. Let yourself pamper with touches and experience sweet torture. There can be no inhibitions just the pure lust. Finally, there will be no turning back to feel endless orgasms.

You will forget your troubles during the massage, you have to take care of nothing but the sensual pleasure.

If your masseuse is enough good, your orgasm can last minutes or even hours.

How can you experience that?

  • Recognize your pleasure. Approve your actual sensations. You need to do this before the increased sensual pleasure. Get rid of your inhibitions. Forget your limitations and anxieties about sex. Respond freely and energetically. Challenge your social conditioning that hinders your response.
  • Learn to relax. You tend to tense up during the intimate connection. Of course it is a natural response but try to embrace your pleasure by letting go of tension. Focus on your muscles and release all the tensions in them. Take attention to your breath. Feel your masseuse’s fingers deeply in you.
  • Be conscious. Learn about your body, sexual response and sex. This let you recognize sensations. Learn new erotic techniques all the time. Make friends with genitals: both with males’ and females’. Masturbate and explore your sexuality and fantasize even more about sex.
  • Give time for yourself. It is not about rush. Learn how to flirt. Experiences teasing touches with other women. Give and get touches. Take time to get to the hot spots and to the genitals. Tease yourself for arousal and greater energy awareness. These make your experience mind-blowing.
  • Develop your muscles. Do exercise on your spot areas to be able to sexual response. These exercises make orgasms more powerful.
  • Communicate. Be dynamic and ask for changes. This will intensify the sensual pleasure. Ask for feedback. In this way, you can create self-esteem and confidence. If you communicate, you will be able to develop you sexual identity.

Tantra Erotic Massage

There is not a goal in tantric massage. Just one thing matters: exploring your own body with the masseuse and your sexual energy. The massage releases stress and you will feel very alive again. Tantra is a path for spiritual awakening. Tantra has a divine ancient text, the so called Vigyan Bhairav Tantra which contains several methods of awakening. It deals with eating habits and says to eat in a mindful way, as well as encourages to meditate for example upon an ant walking on you, and achieve meditative sexual union. Touch is a path to the eternal. That means that if we enter the caress entirely, we can enter the realm of everlasting life. Tantra is a miracle were yin and yang meet. In this way, it is the union of opposites. The polarities or the opposites are dancing together. Tantra massage introduces this dance via bodily form where touch is divine that heightens the flows of energy and opens the senses. Tantra massage radically differs from other massages. During this massage, yin and yang are together. But an ordinary massage which can be got in a spa, concentrates only on the yin energy. Tantra focuses both on yang stimulating energies and yin relaxing energies. A wonderful tantric massage is like a masterpiece of music, it relaxes and stimulates. You will experience a deep sense of peace by uniting the polar energies. You will feel the completeness in yourself.

Tantra Massage in Budapest

Tantra operates with energy, so you can feel the sensuality without even touching your sexual organs. Yin and yang energies go up and down through your spine and your energy body. Can you imagine it? You can get orgasmic experiences with your clothes still on you! Anyway, I must tell you that orgasmic states are not a part of tantric massage.

But if you wish, and you think that it would be essential for you, you can ask your masseuse to massage your sexual organs as well. Basically, sexual organs cannot be separated from the rest of the body energetically. Full body orgasmic experience can occur when you feel that your genitals are a part of your whole body.

This union takes place with the rest of your body. Do not worry, if you have not an orgasmic experience during the massage because you will feel the difference in your energy flows next time you make love. It has a healing side-effect on your relationship with your lover.

If you have sexual traumas from your past, sexual organ massage can release it. Let’s search for a well-trained masseuse! The masseuse has to create safety for your, thus she can facilitate your healing process. But Tantra is not just about healing. You will experience much more on your journey. The word of “safe” also means much more here. That means that your masseuse or therapist is not your lover. Thus, there will be a great difference when you are with your lover.

Your masseuse will take attention to clearness. That means that she will observe your flow of sexual energy but she will not engage with it. There cannot be an exchange of energy. In this way, your masseuse has to have clear boundaries because during this exotic massage, you are much more vulnerable at a deeper level.

Find the most suitable masseuse in Budapest

  • If your potential masseuse has her own tantric practice, so she may practice qigong, tantric yoga and meditations then it has the probability to get a true tantric experience.
  • Another easy way to get to know her abilities is to ask her what her aim is with the sensual massage. It can be suspicious if she says “to have an orgasm” because in this case it is not a tantric massage, it is just an ordinary erotic massage. If she says “to facilitate the flow of your sexual energy and help you relax” then it will be a tantric massage surely.
  • Is she sure in her boundaries? Does she engage in the massage sexually with her clients? Trust must be a priority for you, then feel free to ask her about it!
  • If you cannot find the adequate masseuse for you, then go to a tantric workshop with your lover of with your friend. Here you can learn the practices of tantric massage, and you can experience the healing benefits of it.

Lingam Massage

Lingam is a Sanskrit word which means the sexual organ of the male. It can be translated as the “Wand of Light”. The “Wand of Light” channels pleasure and creative energy in Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, thus it is honored and respectfully viewed. The aim of the masseuses is to increase your sexual energy and not orgasm but orgasm can be a welcome side effect of the massage. Your masseuse will massage your perineum, your testicles and your Sacred Spot, the prostate externally. You can experience a form of pleasure you may not be accustomed to. You will get into a deep relaxation during this sensual massage. During this special erotic massage, you will learn how to receive and how to relax. You can experience another world where you do not have to meet the requirements. It is a softer world where you will get an experience of your receptive side and sensual pleasure.

Lingam Massage in Budapest

First of all, lie comfortably on your back with pillows under your head. In this way, you can look up at your beautiful masseuse. There will be a pillow covered with towel under your hips. With the help of this, it will be easy for your masseuse to give you perfect pleasure for you. Spread your legs apart, and bent your knees slightly. You need to relax, so you can use cushions or pillows under your knees. Now, your genitals are completely free for your masseuse. At first, you need to breathe deep and relaxed. Your masseuse will begin with your nipples, chest, thighs, legs and abdomen to be fully relaxed. You need to breathe deeply and relax throughout the massage.

When you are relaxed deeply, you will feel the warm of the oil on your shaft of the Lingam and testicles. She massages the testicles gently, and increases your sexual desire. Then she continues the soft movement towards the scrotum. She takes care of the area between the anus and the testicles. She moves slowly, gently and sensuously. Time does not exist for you now. She will vary the pressure and the speed. Then she will squeeze the Lingam softly, pull up then slide off, and after that, she will change her hand. You will just enjoy the movement: right hand, left hand, right hand. She may change the direction, and start squeezing at the head of your penis, and she may slide down and off. Let yourself release your muscles in your body.

The Lingam is a subtle and divine organ, your masseuse will take care of it. She will massage all around the head and shaft. Your Lingam can get hard and after that it can go soft again. Release your thoughts about this changes. In fact, these changes are desirable experiences, they are like riding a wave while you are bobbing up and down. Softness and hardness are just two ends of the sensual pleasure spectrum.

Lingam massage is not about orgasm, so if your masseuse realizes that you are going to ejaculate, then she slows a little bit, and lets the Lingam soften. She may play with you, let you come close to ejaculation then release a bit. During this game, you can learn the art of ejaculation and you will be to control ejaculations, that is, how to come close to ejaculations and then how to back off. If you breathe deeply, then you can soften the urge to go to the point to ejaculate. It is an aid for you to make love as long as you and your partner wants to, and you can enjoy sex without losing your semen. The biological background of this is that ejaculation and orgasm are two different things, so you can separate them. In this case, you can live an expanded sex life.

Your Goddess will find your sacred spot and push it softly until it is softened. This sacred spot is between anus and the testicles. With the help of this ceremony, you will be able to expand your orgasm and control your ejaculation. If you are nearing ejaculation, she my push this spot, and you need to relax to enjoy the erotic massage.

If you feel complete with the massage, the masseuse will cover you to keep you warm and she will allow you to rest for five-ten minutes.

Nuru Erotic Massage

Would you like to have a sensual massage to feel its effects in your body and soul? Then turn off the lights, and fire up some candles and explore the sensation of touch. You will unwind, relax, and feel her fingers slide and slip on your curves. These charming fingers will stay at your most sensitive spots teasing you in the places most desired. During the intimate massage, you will experience the sultry eroticism where excitement and passion heightened. Erotic massage is an ancient sensual activity. Nuru Massage is a real Japenese art, during the massage, you can feel the full-body of the masseuse. “Nuru” is a Japanese word which means “slippery”. The massuese does it entirely nude with the aid of slippery massage oil. This special oil called Nuru massage gel or nuru gel sparks your sexuality and stimulates your senses.

Give Nuru Massage a try in Budapest!

Lie down comfortably face down, close your eyes and focus on the sensation of your masseuse’s body gliding against yours. Your masseuse will lather a gel all along her body both front and back and drizzle it over your body. This is an exciting erotic foreplay. The masseuse will rub the gel along your curves and will tease herself during the massage. The gel drips down on your and run slowly along your body. The gel will be slippery, warm and sensual – and your desire will heighten even more. Your masseuse will use her forearms to get closer and gently slide her skin against yours. Can you imagine that? You will relax and get more comfortable, and the masseuse will try to get in a position that allows to be closer and closer to each other. Her legs will grip lightly your body, and her buttock and pelvis will grind against you. Her breasts go over your buttocks and back. At the end of the day, she will lie down to slide and glide along your body. It can be really fun! Then roll face up and you can enjoy your masseuse’s sensual body. Nuru massage is not about the final orgasm. Appreciate all the sensations you get there. Let you be teased and touched along your body.

About the Nuru Massage Gel

Nuru Massage Gel is originated in Japan, and it is an exceptionally slippery erotic massage gel. It is made from Nori deep water seaweed. Nuru massage with Nuru Massage Gel is a very popular type of erotic massage throughout Asia.

There are several advantages of using this special Nuru gel. Unlike other normal massage oils, Nuru gel is tasteless, odorless, and does not stain the garments and the sheet. It is an excellent erotic massage gel because it is skin moisturizer and lubricant. The feeling of Nuru Gel is really sensual and make your body sense sexy. The original gel is made up of aloe vera, nori seaweed and grapefruit extracts.

How to use Nuru Massage Gel?

Put it on your wet skin and rub it as you wish. It is easily clean with some water. If it contacts with eyes then rinse it well with clean water.

Use Nuru Massage Mattress!

You will need to lie down during the massage, so it is important to use air mattress. If you have not got an air mattress then you can use one that is vinyl. Other materials will absorb the gel and this will reduce the gel’s effectiveness.