Lingam Massage

Lingam is a Sanskrit word which means the sexual organ of the male. It can be translated as the “Wand of Light”. The “Wand of Light” channels pleasure and creative energy in Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, thus it is honored and respectfully viewed. The aim of the masseuses is to increase your sexual energy and not orgasm but orgasm can be a welcome side effect of the massage. Your masseuse will massage your perineum, your testicles and your Sacred Spot, the prostate externally. You can experience a form of pleasure you may not be accustomed to. You will get into a deep relaxation during this sensual massage. During this special erotic massage, you will learn how to receive and how to relax. You can experience another world where you do not have to meet the requirements. It is a softer world where you will get an experience of your receptive side and sensual pleasure.

Lingam Massage in Budapest

First of all, lie comfortably on your back with pillows under your head. In this way, you can look up at your beautiful masseuse. There will be a pillow covered with towel under your hips. With the help of this, it will be easy for your masseuse to give you perfect pleasure for you. Spread your legs apart, and bent your knees slightly. You need to relax, so you can use cushions or pillows under your knees. Now, your genitals are completely free for your masseuse. At first, you need to breathe deep and relaxed. Your masseuse will begin with your nipples, chest, thighs, legs and abdomen to be fully relaxed. You need to breathe deeply and relax throughout the massage.

When you are relaxed deeply, you will feel the warm of the oil on your shaft of the Lingam and testicles. She massages the testicles gently, and increases your sexual desire. Then she continues the soft movement towards the scrotum. She takes care of the area between the anus and the testicles. She moves slowly, gently and sensuously. Time does not exist for you now. She will vary the pressure and the speed. Then she will squeeze the Lingam softly, pull up then slide off, and after that, she will change her hand. You will just enjoy the movement: right hand, left hand, right hand. She may change the direction, and start squeezing at the head of your penis, and she may slide down and off. Let yourself release your muscles in your body.

The Lingam is a subtle and divine organ, your masseuse will take care of it. She will massage all around the head and shaft. Your Lingam can get hard and after that it can go soft again. Release your thoughts about this changes. In fact, these changes are desirable experiences, they are like riding a wave while you are bobbing up and down. Softness and hardness are just two ends of the sensual pleasure spectrum.

Lingam massage is not about orgasm, so if your masseuse realizes that you are going to ejaculate, then she slows a little bit, and lets the Lingam soften. She may play with you, let you come close to ejaculation then release a bit. During this game, you can learn the art of ejaculation and you will be to control ejaculations, that is, how to come close to ejaculations and then how to back off. If you breathe deeply, then you can soften the urge to go to the point to ejaculate. It is an aid for you to make love as long as you and your partner wants to, and you can enjoy sex without losing your semen. The biological background of this is that ejaculation and orgasm are two different things, so you can separate them. In this case, you can live an expanded sex life.

Your Goddess will find your sacred spot and push it softly until it is softened. This sacred spot is between anus and the testicles. With the help of this ceremony, you will be able to expand your orgasm and control your ejaculation. If you are nearing ejaculation, she my push this spot, and you need to relax to enjoy the erotic massage.

If you feel complete with the massage, the masseuse will cover you to keep you warm and she will allow you to rest for five-ten minutes.