Massage Type

What is Erotic Massage?

Have you ever tried a certain type of massage? If you have, then you may know the feeling of your thoroughly transformed body. During an erotic massage, this transformed body gets a deeply sensual experience. Different types of erotic massage exist, and the perfect style can provide huge erotic energy to the client. You can learn by the masseur how to pleasure your partner and vica versa, how to revel in your partner’s touch. The erotic massage gives a deep self-knowledge, it helps you explore your sexuality and connect with your partner physically and emotionally.

The Meaning of “Erotic”

Eros was a mythological figure, the god of love. The word of “erotic” describes the arousal of sexual desire and feelings. There can be an introduction into eroticism via listening to music, dancing or just via eating. Through these activities you can get in touch with your real sexual nature.


During the erotic massage, our aim is to increase sexual energy, prolong pleasure, intensify sexual fulfilment and heighten arousal. It creates an atmosphere of deep intimacy. It releases your inhibitions, so you will be able to freely express your sexual desire, fantasy, lust and your passion. Increased sexual energy promotes health improvement as well. You fall in deep relaxation and experience cathartic sensations of erotic touch. Choose among the types of erotic massage freely! Find your own way of touching and massaging! Drop your inhibitions and you will find deep intimacy with yourself, and you will experience heightened awareness of the moment. Then you will respond lovingly and intuitively.

Benefits of Erotic Massage

Do you have hectic lifestyle? Are you stressful? Then take care of your mental and physical health as well as your relationship. Erotic massage does not just calm your mind and relax your body but it helps maintain intimacy with yourself and with your partner. You will be able to focus on what is important in life.

Clear your Mind

Life is really hard in these times. You feel that your life is a rat race, you are constantly in motion, you have to concentrate but you have not got enough energy and you generate a flow of thoughts. You have already tried yoga, meditation and spa retreats but they do not work effectively. Then try one of the types of erotic massage. You do not have to do anything at all, and this state allows you to be yourself for a while. Deep relaxation releases all of your concerns, and you will remember what is really important in life. Sexual energy will fill your mind and then clear it, and you will focus on feeling the orgasmic pleasure and harmony.

Improve your Health

Pure massage is stimulating blood circulation. In this way, your blood is being transported into your organs, bones, muscles and reaps efficiently. It helps pump the blood towards the heart where it can be recharged and pumped out again.

Sensual Ambiance

If you want to relax and enjoy life, the environment should be adequate for this. Then you need to have a relaxing, comfortable and fragrant environment. This will help you gain the most from your experience.


Candlelight and muted lighting evoke an enchanted atmosphere of sensuality, calm and relaxation. Place candles, and these myriad of stars will create a fantastic environment. Be sure that they are positioned safely. By using colored lightbulbs, you can change the atmosphere of the room thoroughly. We prefer red bulb with a ping hue because they soften the hard edges and you can bath your body in flattering and warm light.


The room should be warm and draft-free to be relaxed and help the oil be absorbed into the skin. Keeping draft-free room is very important when the massage is achieved on the floor. If it is too warm, then use a fan to cool the body gently and keep him awake.


If you are in a state of relaxed awareness, smell can be highly evocative and can arouse your sexual desire. Aroma helps deep relaxation. You can use oil diffuser to burn oils during the massage. If you want to use incense, then check it at first, because it is better if it is made from natural ingredients.


Be in a place where you are sure that you will not be interrupted during the massage, thus you can relax and release your stress. Turn off your cell phone!


Music can be used to reach an erotic mood and helps to mask the noises from the outside. Choose music which is written specifically for massage or ambient music. The source of the music must be near to you so as to be able to control the volume.


Enrich your experience by creating a special environment. Under these circumstances your body feels pampered. It is recommended to acquire cushions, rugs, shawls, towels and sheets. If the weather is warm, then let’s go to the nature! Then you can hear the sound of the breeze through the grass, water running and the birds singing. Bring a lots of water to drink if the massage is under the sun.

Intimate Erotic Massage

When you are in deep relaxation, let your body feel the masseur’s hands on your sensual body parts. For a man, a genital massage can be a cathartic feeling. He does not have to think about his performance, thus he can be truly relax and enjoy the hand job of the masseur. This situation helps relinquish the control and enjoy the undivided attention.

Massage & Fantasy

Sexual arousal is not a physical reaction: it is fueled by the mind. Play with fantasies and introduce them into the massage in order to enhance sensual experience. Think of your fantasies during intimate massage and take the massage as a time for you. Your body and mind will relax completely and you will accept the masseuse’s touch with heightened sensation. If your sexual desire is skyrocketing, then realize your fantasies! Let’s play a little bit and found out fantasy scenarios! Release your inhibitions and try to be dominant or submissive, and if these roles are not enough for you, then try to be the musician or the jester. Let’s connect these roles with the massage and enjoy them!


Would you like to have a sensual massage to feel its effects in your body and soul? Then turn off the lights, and fire up some candles and explore the sensation of touch. You will unwind, relax, and feel her fingers slide and slip on your curves. These charming fingers will stay at your most sensitive spots teasing you in the places most desired. During the intimate massage, you will experience the sultry eroticism where excitement and passion heightened. Erotic massage is an ancient sensual activity. Nuru Massage is a real Japenese art, during the massage, you can feel the full-body of the masseuse. “Nuru” is a Japanese word which means “slippery”. The massuese does it entirely nude with the aid of slippery massage oil. This special oil called Nuru massage gel or nuru gel sparks your sexuality and stimulates your senses.


Lingam is a Sanskrit word which means the sexual organ of the male. It can be translated as the “Wand of Light”. The “Wand of Light” channels pleasure and creative energy in Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, thus it is honored and respectfully viewed. The aim of the masseuses is to increase your sexual energy and not orgasm but orgasm can be a welcome side effect of the massage. Your masseuse will massage your perineum, your testicles and your Sacred Spot, the prostate externally. You can experience a form of pleasure you may not be accustomed to. You will get into a deep relaxation during this sensual massage.


There is not a goal in tantric massage. Just one thing matters: exploring your own body with the masseuse and your sexual energy. The massage releases stress and you will feel very alive again. Tantra is a path for spiritual awakening. Tantra has a divine ancient text, the so called Vigyan Bhairav Tantra which contains several methods of awakening. It deals with eating habits and says to eat in a mindful way, as well as encourages to meditate for example upon an ant walking on you, and achieve meditative sexual union.


Do you fantasize about never ending orgasm? Yes, you do, of course. And you fantasize about orgasm that you do not even have words about. But there is a desire in you to experience the lust in every parts of your body. The explosion is so strong that you are not able to move. It is the purest joy, you grasp for air and stretch your muscles and cry for even more enjoyment. Your dreams can come true.


Are you seeking for double pleasure? Here two beauties will massage your body. Can you imagine that? Two girls are stimulating you. And you can incorporate other services as well, of course, if you wish. Four Hands Erotic massage is one of the greatest way to heel your body and indulge your mind. Are you leading a stressful life? This massage offers the opportunity to get free and experience relaxation and calm.


You can participate in a wonderful journey during a massage. If you can give to your masseuse sensual touches then the feelings of the journey can be intensified creating more satisfaction than an ordinary erotic massage. Mutual Erotic Massage in Budapest Your masseuse will take attention to the place to be perfect. Generally, a bed is too soft for this purpose, so it is enough to have an exercise mat for two. The room should be pleasantly warm and drafted. For the intimate illumination, she will serve some candles as well. A well-selected erotic music is necessary for the massage that will create a fabulous ambiance. If your masseuse is quite good, she will choose high-quality massage oil, and put it near to you. She may use jellied water for the sensual massage.


A beauty welcomes you and introduces a room with candlelight. The whole room is an enchanted place, you can hear meditation music and smell the aroma of the massage oil. Take off your clothes and have a relaxing bath before the massage. You can put on a kimono then enter the massage room. Does it sound good? Then come to our salon and try it in reality!


There can be some variations in body-to-body erotic massage, but typically it is an erotic massage where the masseuse does not use her hands but her whole body including her legs, nipples, breasts and ass to massage you. An enchanted setting is waiting for you with meditative music. Your masseuse is usually naked, and she rhythmically slides over your entire body touching every inch on you. She may use her hands for massaging but her entire body will be used as well for indulging you.


There is a huge difference between Taoism and Tantra. Tantra is more than touching a person: the masseuse touches the person’s soul and heart. There is not a defined ending. Its aim is not orgasm but orgasm can occur. This leads into the world of sensuality, so it can be an erotic trance as well. Taoist massage is opener because it has not a real goal. This massage increases the sexual energy and it becomes an erotic trance. And it has a well-defined ending: “the Big Draw”.


With the help of sensual massage, you can escape from the stress of everyday life. You need to have an expert who has special skills concerning the massage. If you have a brilliant masseuse, you can feel the benefits of a sensual massage. A sensual massage will concentrate on your erogenous zones. Some of the masseuses say that you need not to orgasm during a really good sensual massage. If orgasm happens though, enjoy it with deep breathing. During the massage, your sexual energy will be enhanced and your sexual life will change radically. But sensual massage is not just about eroticism. It helps release stress and heals your soul as well.


It is very important to harmonize your relationship with your partner. An erotic massage can help create balance sexually, mentally and emotionally. In this way, you will be able to have a harmonious and calm communication and body language.


It is a part of the tantric erotic massage with a playful masseuse who satisfies your desires. Would you like to give the control to a beautiful goddess? Tie and Tease Massage in Budapest Be guided by a professional masseur. They are specially trained. They will tie and tease you for many hours. You will be surprised during the erotic massage, and your senses will be on a roller coaster ride. At first, you will experience a fantastic light bondage with surprise touches and sensual light domination. Just focus on the word: light. Then if you wish, your goddess can go harder taking the control and enhancing your sexual desire. Do not forget: you have to worship your Goddess who gives you a wonderful erotic massage.


Imagine a beauty with long hair and enchanted slim curves looking at you. She sweeps her wonderful hair down to your neck, your shoulders and to your back. The fragrance of her hair is like a field filled with flowers. While she is stroking your with her hair, you can feel its silky texture you have never experienced before. The word “Kaishun” is a very special word: It means that spring comes and a new year begins. Kaishun massage can rejuvenate you, increase your sexual libido and delay your aging. This massage was born in ancient China and has a recovery function. It is the perfect relaxation for you. The massage combines the spiritual and physical aims with increasing pleasure.


Happy end massage existed in the ancient times as well, particularly in the Chinese culture, and it is one of most popular massages of today. For the Chinese and for us, this massage is more than a simple hand job because a good massage requires an expert who has knowledge about reflexology and the mechanism of muscles. Additionally, she is an expert in mental proceeds, thus she can offer you a massage which fits to your personality.


Bamboo symbolizes for Japanese, Indonesian and Chinese sexuality, fertility, prosperity, longevity and life energy. This plant is one of the most desired beauty ingredients of today. Bamboo massage is not just bodywork. It has ancient roots and much more than a new trend. With the help of the bamboos, deep-tissue work is possible. Massagers can use oils during the massage. It energizes and calms you creating balance for you physically and mentally. It rejuvenates you at deeper levels. Bamboos are one of the most multifaceted plants on the Earth and they are very popular because of its perseverance under very harsh circumstances.


Chinese massage is an ancient cure against stress and diseases. Traditionally it is said that the energy must flow continuously in the body to avoid blockages. Two kinds of traditional Chinese massage exist: “Tui na” and “Zhi Ya”. There is a difference between them regarding the techniques. Naturally, massage is as old as humans. Historically, the massage continued to be more and more sophisticated, and there was a culmination of the massage culture in ancient China. The story of the Chinese massage is very impressive. You can find different massage textbooks from the times of Nei Jing (722-481 BC). Several massage doctors worked in the times of Tang Dynasty having a special culture of massage. These unique techniques were imported to Japan, and a new type of massage evolved, the so called Shiatsu. You can find many Chinese elements in the modern massage technique, in the so called Swedish massage.


Swedish massage is the best-known type of massage at least in the West. If you are unfamiliar with the different types of massage, it can be a good start for you. Deep tissue massage is a form of the Swedish massage and it can be used if you have chronic muscle pain. It is better in this case if you take a series of deep tissue massage to get results.


Thai massage has also the specialty similarly to other oriental massage systems that it treats humans in a holistic way. It focuses on energy lines called “sen”. Its technique is very complex. The masseur uses rhythmic and slow compression along the energy lines, stretches, works on acupoints and joints opening movements.