Mutual Erotic Massage

You can participate in a wonderful journey during a massage. If you can give to your masseuse sensual touches then the feelings of the journey can be intensified creating more satisfaction than an ordinary erotic massage.

Mutual Erotic Massage in Budapest

Your masseuse will take attention to the place to be perfect. Generally, a bed is too soft for this purpose, so it is enough to have an exercise mat for two. The room should be pleasantly warm and drafted. For the intimate illumination, she will serve some candles as well. A well-selected erotic music is necessary for the massage that will create a fabulous ambiance. If your masseuse is quite good, she will choose high-quality massage oil, and put it near to you. She may use jellied water for the sensual massage.

About Seating Positions

If you would like to sit with your masseuse, there are a wide range of variations how can you do this. You should think of only the priorities: accessibility and comfort. Massage takes time and you need to be in a certain position for a while, so choose the position carefully. You can try that before the actual massage. Accessibility means that you need to be able to have an easy access to your masseuse’s genital area.

One of the best position is when you sit in front of the masseuse crossing your legs with the masseur’s. You can use wall to support your back. In this way, you can relax during the massage. You can put flat pillows to the mat if you wish to sit on. Take attention to your muscles, if they are tense then try to release them.

How to have a mutual erotic massage?

The best activity for the beginning is stroking by your masseuse until the roles are reversed. At this phase, move softly and massage only in a limited way. Touch the genitals only accidently. Then you can elevate your feeling of desire gradually to be even more excited. Take time for stroking, do not be in a hurry.

If you and your masseuse have warmed up, stroke her pussy. You can perform yoni massage as well. Focus on the eye contact. Be aware of making as much eye contact with your masseuse as you can. Sometimes this can be difficult because of her sexy body and your stimulated genitals but keep trying it.

Let you be for the moment and give the control to your masseuse, she will know, when it is optimal to ejaculate. You can stimulate her pussy calmly because she is able to orgasm as many times as she wants to.

If you would like to have a unique pleasure then try to stimulate her simultaneously, so massage her yoni while she is massaging your lingam.

Would you like to massage her anus? Then stop massaging each other a little bit and take latex glove. If you and your masseuse apply jellied lubricant on the glove, it will be a fantastic experience for you and your masseur. At first, just rub around the anus and then insert into it gently. Keep eye contact with your masseuse.

You will find very exotic to be in her anus. Release your muscles and watch her emotions. Do not pull it in and out, try to feel this new ambiance. Your masseuse will know how to indulge the area of your prostate.

Try to resume genital massage. When your masseuse feels that you are going to ejaculate then she my slow gently and massage the lingam softly. She may want to orgasm in the same time as you. Enjoy this new experience.