Prostate Massage

Prostate massage was a very popular therapeutic tool for treating prostatitis. Nowadays, it has become a taboo in spite of its benefits. Are you curious about prostate massage? Nowadays, doctors have discovered the benefits of this type of massage. Actually, it prevents your health and you can get the best orgasm ever!

What is that exactly?

Prostate milking or prostate massage is when your masseuse stimulates your prostate gland with her finger or with a toy directly. Your prostate is inside you in the anus, and contributes fluids to the ejaculation. Its muscles have an important role during ejaculation. By its stimulation, you can experience many sensual orgasms. Your masseuse will apply direct pressure on the prostate by inserting one or two fingers into your anus. Enjoy the massage without any inhibitions!

Your masseuse can use a device for massaging as well. This device is very similar to a finger. It is essential to use lubricant on the device or on the finger. The device can be a G-spot vibrator, a butt plug and a dildo as well. Prostate dildos still exist, they are very similar to vaginal dildos, and the only difference is that the prostate dildos are slimmer and more curved with softer texture. Some of the prostate dildos offer vibration at the very tip driven by batteries, and the intensity and the speed of the device can be changed.

Why is it healthy?

Massage has a stress-releasing effect in itself. Prostate massage releases tension in your pelvis, thus facilitates fresh blood flow, and stimulates your fluid production. Two reasons can be behind prostate illnesses. One of them is stagnancy, and the other one is tension in the muscles. By releasing the muscles and stimulating this area, you can keep your organ healthy, and the massage helps detect the changes at the early age, so you can go to a doctor in time.

Does it sound too strange?

Well, most of the men say that prostate massage gives a powerful experience, since it is uncommonly pleasurable. A good masseuse will stimulate your external anal at first. Then she will go inside which give you an unforgettable experience. At the end of the day, she may stimulate the root of the penis outside, allowing you to feel the exotic sensations, and extend out the length of the penis. Prostate massage is deeply relaxing and satisfying, more profound and more explosive.

Do you want one?

If you would like to try it, it does not mean that you are homo- or bisexual. Everybody can enjoy this type of massage. It is just natural to feel erotic when your masseuse massages your prostate. It creates orgasm and let you enjoy it.

Take care of the hygiene! Your masseuse can use a condom, but if she does not use it then it is very important to clean her fingers or the tool with antibacterial soup.

Erotic prostate massage in Budapest

Contact with other men to inform about the experiences and effects of prostate massage. In this way, you can get rid of the stereotypes around it. Several men was successful in expanding their sex life through prostate massage. Let’s learn about it!