Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the best-known type of massage at least in the West. If you are unfamiliar with the different types of massage, it can be a good start for you. Deep tissue massage is a form of the Swedish massage and it can be used if you have chronic muscle pain. It is better in this case if you take a series of deep tissue massage to get results.

Swedish Massage in Budapest

Of course, this type of massage is performed by trained and licensed masseurs. You can discuss your needs with your masseur. You can ask to have a gentle and slow massage, and you can have a bracing and vigorous massage as well.

There are rather big differences between the Asian and the Western massage systems. The Western concept is based on the physiology and anatomy opposed to the Asian which is based on the flow of energy.

Typically you can order a Swedish or a deep tissue massage according to the following sessions:

  • 30 minute massage
  • 50 or 60 minute massage
  • 75 or 90 minute massage

At first, the masseur will lubricate you skin with some massage oil and perform massage strokes. In this way, your muscles will be warmed up that releases tension. Then he breaks muscle knots up. You will in a perfect state of relaxation during the massage.

Before the massage, your masseur will ask you about your conditions and injuries. You can tell him your areas of pain or tightness or your allergies or that you are pregnant. Feel free to ask for firm or light pressure.

After it, lie down on the table. You will be covered by a towel or a sheet. During the massage, you will be nude underneath your towel or sheet. He will uncover only the part of your body on which he is working on. If this state is out of your comfort zone, then you can wear your underwear.

It is probably that you will start by lying face down. Your masseur will start by working on your back, neck and shoulders. He will use a combination of different types of techniques: friction, tapping, stretching, effleurage and kneading.

When he is ready with your upper body, then your legs can come. Then you can turn over and the front of your body will be worked on. If you get just 50 minutes, then you can ask him to spend more time on a critical area. Feel free to communicate with him. If the pressure is too firm or too light he can vary it.

Swedish massage was invented by a prominent Swedish physician, Pehr Henrik Ling (1776-1839) who was actually a fencing teacher as well. He learnt from the Chinese medical techniques and combined it with the 19th century sports medicine. His aim was to relieve sore muscles, promote health and increase flexibility. Johann Mezger popularized his invention, and he gave French names to the technique.

The Swedish massage is invigorating and relaxing. You can experience an optimal well-being after the massage. The massage replicates the movements of your circulatory system. When your masseur strokes you toward your heart, it can drain metabolic waste from your limbs. Your skin will be healthy.

The Swedish massage includes techniques like vibration, shaking motions, effleurage, tapping, kneading, friction, long strokes and percussion.