Tantra Erotic Massage

There is not a goal in tantric massage. Just one thing matters: exploring your own body with the masseuse and your sexual energy. The massage releases stress and you will feel very alive again. Tantra is a path for spiritual awakening. Tantra has a divine ancient text, the so called Vigyan Bhairav Tantra which contains several methods of awakening. It deals with eating habits and says to eat in a mindful way, as well as encourages to meditate for example upon an ant walking on you, and achieve meditative sexual union. Touch is a path to the eternal. That means that if we enter the caress entirely, we can enter the realm of everlasting life. Tantra is a miracle were yin and yang meet. In this way, it is the union of opposites. The polarities or the opposites are dancing together. Tantra massage introduces this dance via bodily form where touch is divine that heightens the flows of energy and opens the senses. Tantra massage radically differs from other massages. During this massage, yin and yang are together. But an ordinary massage which can be got in a spa, concentrates only on the yin energy. Tantra focuses both on yang stimulating energies and yin relaxing energies. A wonderful tantric massage is like a masterpiece of music, it relaxes and stimulates. You will experience a deep sense of peace by uniting the polar energies. You will feel the completeness in yourself.

Tantra Massage in Budapest

Tantra operates with energy, so you can feel the sensuality without even touching your sexual organs. Yin and yang energies go up and down through your spine and your energy body. Can you imagine it? You can get orgasmic experiences with your clothes still on you! Anyway, I must tell you that orgasmic states are not a part of tantric massage.

But if you wish, and you think that it would be essential for you, you can ask your masseuse to massage your sexual organs as well. Basically, sexual organs cannot be separated from the rest of the body energetically. Full body orgasmic experience can occur when you feel that your genitals are a part of your whole body.

This union takes place with the rest of your body. Do not worry, if you have not an orgasmic experience during the massage because you will feel the difference in your energy flows next time you make love. It has a healing side-effect on your relationship with your lover.

If you have sexual traumas from your past, sexual organ massage can release it. Let’s search for a well-trained masseuse! The masseuse has to create safety for your, thus she can facilitate your healing process. But Tantra is not just about healing. You will experience much more on your journey. The word of “safe” also means much more here. That means that your masseuse or therapist is not your lover. Thus, there will be a great difference when you are with your lover.

Your masseuse will take attention to clearness. That means that she will observe your flow of sexual energy but she will not engage with it. There cannot be an exchange of energy. In this way, your masseuse has to have clear boundaries because during this exotic massage, you are much more vulnerable at a deeper level.

Find the most suitable masseuse in Budapest

  • If your potential masseuse has her own tantric practice, so she may practice qigong, tantric yoga and meditations then it has the probability to get a true tantric experience.
  • Another easy way to get to know her abilities is to ask her what her aim is with the sensual massage. It can be suspicious if she says “to have an orgasm” because in this case it is not a tantric massage, it is just an ordinary erotic massage. If she says “to facilitate the flow of your sexual energy and help you relax” then it will be a tantric massage surely.
  • Is she sure in her boundaries? Does she engage in the massage sexually with her clients? Trust must be a priority for you, then feel free to ask her about it!
  • If you cannot find the adequate masseuse for you, then go to a tantric workshop with your lover of with your friend. Here you can learn the practices of tantric massage, and you can experience the healing benefits of it.