Taoist Erotic Massage

There is a huge difference between Taoism and Tantra. Tantra is more than touching a person: the masseuse touches the person’s soul and heart. There is not a defined ending. Its aim is not orgasm but orgasm can occur. This leads into the world of sensuality, so it can be an erotic trance as well. Taoist massage is opener because it has not a real goal. This massage increases the sexual energy and it becomes an erotic trance. And it has a well-defined ending: “the Big Draw”.

How can we define this “Big Draw”?

Your masseuse strokes and massages your body and through this, your sexual energy arises. Well, it is raised even more. Your will take deep breaths. Then at a certain point you hold your breath for at least 30 seconds. Then release it. There will be no well-structured rituals. There will be no strict order, give to your masseuse the control. You will have an altered state through the breath. During the genital massage, this special breath will raise and spread your sexual energy in your body.

Taoist erotic massage is a special massage which can include creative and prolonged genital stimulation. It is a full-body massage. Your masseuse will encourage you to breathe deeply, relax and experience the sensation. Your body will be tensed and released, tensed and released causing deep refresh in your body. This is a healing massage, your sexual energy will be increased and harnessed. This is the way how we re-energize your: not just your body, your soul as well.

Basically, you carry an amazing amount of energetic potential in your body, and our task is to find this energy then we introduce it to you, and help you learn how to control this treasure. Because of this potential energy, Taoist massage is called Body Electric Erotic Massage as well.

You will experience a transformative altered state when your masseuse touches your genitals and keeps you breathing deeply. A real Taoist erotic massage has a special erotic conception. It concentrates on energy circulation and help you to feel it. Semen retention is a priority for the masseuse for healthy living and strength.

So briefly, the aim of the Taoist massage is not ejaculation but the circulation of the energy throughout your body. Its special method for energy circulations is like a dance: you need to breathe simultaneously to the genital stimulation. You will certainly experience transformational moment and ecstatic states.

Taiost Erotic Massage in Budapest

Be conscious. Keep breathing deeply and rhythmically. Your masseuse may spend some time to teach you how to breathe adequately before the massage. She may breathe with you to help you be conscious. Feel the erotic touches.

Your masseuse will weave together erotic and therapeutic elements and slowly, gradually increase your erotic energy, and finally she will focus on touching your genitals. Do not think that this erotic play always ends in ejaculation. Focus on the wonderful journey. Feel the huge amounts of sexual excitement in your genitals. These energies can be circulated in your body, just keep focusing on breathing and massaging.

We can speak about two types of energy here: enjoyment and excitement. I know, you are familiar with only one of them, with excitement. And if the masseuse continues to increase the pleasure, you will ejaculate. Let’s focus on enjoyment, and experience erotic pleasure. Enjoyment lasts for a long time, and it may not lead to “happy end”. Thus, you will feel incredible pleasure.