Thai Massage

Thai massage has also the specialty similarly to other oriental massage systems that it treats humans in a holistic way. It focuses on energy lines called “sen”. Its technique is very complex. The masseur uses rhythmic and slow compression along the energy lines, stretches, works on acupoints and joints opening movements. Basically it is similar to peripheral stimulation. This method is for attaining some areas through stimulation of other distant areas. This occurs during Saitsu, rolfing and acupuncture. In the aspect of stretching and joint opening movements it is quite similar to physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractics.

Thai Massage in Budapest

You will be surprised when you get to know how this massage works in reality. It very differs from what we know about massage. You will remain fully clothed and lie on a mat on the floor.

Your masseur will use his knees, elbows, palm, feet and thumbs to pull, press and stretch. You will be guided into different yoga postures. He will focus on his own body-center. If you have an area with tension, he will held and pressure it for a longer time. He will move slowly. It will be very similar to a dance. Well, it is called “yoga for lazy people” as well.

The masseur will personalize the techniques according to your wishes and body condition. He will take attention to your flexibility and sensitivity and according to this he will vary the strength of the pressure. He will apply this during the stretching session.

A full session lasts 1.5.-2 hours but exceptionally it can be 3 hours as well. One hour would be too short for this. The techniques are performed slowly and your masseur deals with every inch of your body. You need to dress in comfortable and soft cloths. Your masseur will begin from the feet and he will go upwards.

Four positions are used during a Thai massage: on stomach, on the back, sitting and on the side. It is not sure that all methods will be used during the massage, basically it depends on the masseur’s opinion and your predisposition. Furthermore, the techniques are determined by the conditions, for example, for a pregnant lady the side positions are very good.

At the beginning, your masseur will work on your legs. He will stretch it, take attention to the acupressure lines and joints opening techniques. He will open the hips and activate your meridians running along your spine. In this way, your back will work in a more effective way. Eastern massage system warns everybody that the condition of the pelvic can affect the spine itself. Working with the legs can balance the muscles giving proper flexibility and alignment to the area of the hip and thus to the spine. The spine has a crucial role for your health because it contains the central nerve system. In this way, Thai massage can eliminate the pains in the lower back.

“Blood Stop” is considered as a very unique technique. It can be translated as “Opening the Wind Gate”. It lasts only one minute, and during the method, a firm pressure is applied on the groin and on the shoulders. It increases the blood flow, so after it, you will experience an energy explosion. This will clear toxins and help bring the blood nutrient to the areas where there is poor circulation. The blood will find new pathways. The heart rate will be slower, so you will experience deep relaxation.

Thai massage reduces stiffness in your muscles, opens the blocked areas and promotes better circulation. It focuses on balance and free energy flow. The blockages in the body create imbalance in your body and in your life. With the help of the pressures, the blocked energy will be opened.