Tie And Tease Massage

It is a part of the tantric erotic massage with a playful masseuse who satisfies your desires. Would you like to give the control to a beautiful goddess?

Tie and Tease Massage in Budapest

Be guided by a professional masseur. They are specially trained. They will tie and tease you for many hours. You will be surprised during the erotic massage, and your senses will be on a roller coaster ride.

At first, you will experience a fantastic light bondage with surprise touches and sensual light domination. Just focus on the word: light. Then if you wish, your goddess can go harder taking the control and enhancing your sexual desire. Do not forget: you have to worship your Goddess who gives you a wonderful erotic massage.

Tie and tease massage is not just a physical play – it is psychological as well. This special massage gives you a unique experience where everything is more mysterious and more intense.

There are similarities between the ordinary erotic massage and this special massage. Tie and tease massage ends with full body rub and body-to-body massage. But at the beginning, you will be very curious concerning your masseuse. It will be a journey of experimental sensations in a special ambiance.

Your sexual arousal will reach its peak but your masseuse will control it, and she will be in charge to decide on your faith. She will allow you to orgasm or not. Your masseuse will use the elements of sexual denial with some teasing. She is your boss, do what she wants to.

Your Goddess will stroke, tease and indulge you to the state of pre-climax but she will not allow you to orgasm until the very end of the massage. We call a tie and tease massage without having an orgasm “tease and denial massage”. Your Goddess will use all kind of equipment, such as silk cloths, blindfold, cuffs and sensual spanking devices. She will be perfect to play the role of a Goddess and you will submit yourself. She will have a sensual power over you. The massage may include ice cubes, pinching, hot candle wax or nails if you wish. But there is a difference between BDSM play and tie and tease massage: during a tie and tease massage, your masseuse focuses on your emotions but a BDSM masseur does not.

You may have to gag during the massage to feel the sense of defenseless and helplessness. Blindfold has an important role and she may remove it in order to see her sensual body and her sexy lingerie.

Enjoy the strip of your beautiful Goddess, she may brush against you in her erotic nightie, feel her removing clothes and be playful during this fetish play. Then you can enjoy the view of her naked body.

She may pause sometimes making you think about the next teasing. She lets your tension build. She may use some wine as well. She may pass it from her sensual mouth to yours. Enjoy your submission.

She makes you keep talking while she is tying up your hands. She may kiss you very gently and she may continue with your nipples, she licks and teases them playfully, and then she covers your eyes. Prepare your body and soul to the next mysterious session.

There will be hard and soft sessions. She caresses your body sensually and softly. She does not forget to punish you with spanks if you are a bad boy. Your Goddess gives you kisses and plays with your nipples and nibbles on them. Would you like to have a prostate massage as well? Then she does it. Her fingers will be slippery and lubed while she is pushing them into your anus. Enjoy the erotic movement of her fingers. She will play with your genitals at the same time, and she does no forget to massage them. It can be a full lingam massage if you wish.

Your orgasm will be powerful, because you will have no control over it. You will be not able to find out when your Goddess will allow you to ejaculate. This is the reason why tie and tease massage is so special. You will experience an explosion and you feel this joy for several minutes after your orgasm. Your Goddess cleans you up, unties you gently and she is smiling friendly at you.